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24Bit episode 56: Tech trends



24Bit episode 56: Tech trends

Happy New Year!

Well, it’s the end of the first month of the year and those greetings should be updated by now but, hey, it’s our very first 24Bit podcast of the year so we are allowed some excesses.

Join Dickson, Nick and I as we look at the month that has been. We’ve seen the return of M-Pesa to bank and vice-versa transaction fees, the confirmation of the launch date of Samsung’s 2023 flagship smartphone series (spoiler: it’s tomorrow), the launch of the second generation Phantom X and many many things. Furthermore, we also get to share what we hope to see next month.

Find a drink, sit back (or strap up if you’re getting to this on your commute) and enjoy our first podcast of the year. It’s a whopping one hour long so it will be a while. We hope you will be joining us for many many more this year.

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