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28-year-old Kenyan develops Africa’s first AI content generation software



Sammy Ekaran is the founder and CEO of Jiandike AI software, aged just 28 years old.

With the technology being widely spread and young folks embracing the power and knowledge coming along with it, Sammy has tapped into this resource to develop Africa’s first AI content-generation software; Jiandikie.

Speaking to Bizna Kenya, Sammy explains his aspirations as the CEO of Jiandikie AI Writing and what it took to develop the exciting AI software.

He also shares some of the challenges he encountered along the way and advice to budding IT gurus who look to follow in his footsteps.

Who is Sammy Ekaran?

I am a 28-year-old IT professional. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Karatina University. I ventured into software development when I was at University.

While still at the University, I started working as an intern for a US-based software company, and later after graduation, I continued working with them on a full-time basis.

In addition to developing a good number of apps, some published on the Playstore and designing functional websites, I have also worked as the SEO Manager and lead technical writer for a 3D designing company.

Furthermore, I’ve contributed technical articles to popular websites like All3dp, ITchronicles, 3Dsourced and many others. 

When working as a technical writer and SEO specialist, the idea of utilizing Artificial Intelligence in content generation was birthed and that is when I started working on Jiandikie AI software in early 2022.

After several months of hard work, I was finally able to successfully launch the software in October 2022 and currently, hundreds of content creators and marketers are utilizing it.

What are you passionate about?

I love computers. My passion for computers began when I got my first laptop in 2016, as a second-year student.

Since then, I have been exploring all the different ways that computers can be used to make life simpler and better, through technology.

I am always thinking of ways to use technology to make the lives of people around me easier.

For example, while still in the University I developed an Android app for our church that helps people nourish their souls through the word of God and even be updated on what is happening in the church, especially in these last days.

For how long have you been in the IT field?

I started working in IT about 5 years ago. I studied Information Technology at Karatina University. While still on campus, I was fortunate to get a part-time job with a software company based in the US.

I worked there for two years before graduating in 2019. After graduation, I have continued working for the US-based company, where I have been up-to-date

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How long did it take you to create Jiandikie AI?

Creating Jiandikie AI took me around 6 months. I launched the software in October this year and since then it has amassed hundreds of clients who are using it for various needs; ranging from writing full articles to company bios and also Ad copies.

What was the vision that led you to create Jiandikie AI software?

As earlier stated, I launched Jiandikie Software on October 2022. I was motivated by a deep desire to make the process of content creation easier for everyone.

After all, writing great content takes time and effort. There are people, both young and old who would like to write blogs or launch their websites, and maybe they are not good at content writing or they don’t know how to write marketing copies to promote their products.

However, with my AI software, these challenges could be overcome as it can help them write original content easily.

How does Jiandikie AI content generation software work?

By incorporating cutting-edge artificial intelligence into the system, users input a few keywords or phrases of what they would like the software to generate.

Thereafter, they choose the type of content the program will generate as well as choose their preferred language.

Once all the information has been provided, the software will then analyze large volumes of data on the internet with lightning speed and accuracy and it provides users with personalized content that best fits the information they provided.

Jiandikie AI users can also choose whether to write a full article of more than 800 words or just a section of the article. They can also write interesting and converting emails with the software.

The content generated by the software is original, unique and free of plagiarism

Here is a video demonstration of how Jiandikie Software works;

What plans are in place for the future of Jiandikie AI?

Since October, Jiandikie has proved highly successful in helping many different people achieve their writing goals especially here in Africa where English is not the first language.

While there were some who had initial reservations about its capabilities or effectiveness, those worries quickly faded as they discovered how much easier it made their lives.

Jiandikie has and will continue to become an essential tool in the modern writer’s arsenal, helping writers of all types achieve success in their careers with less effort than ever before.

Jiandikie also supports marketers who are creating ads and company bios. One can be able to write ad copies, SEO meta descriptions, and even converting emails very quickly.

Additionally, from an environmental point of view, Jiandikie helps in energy conservation for computers and laptops, as writers can easily get their work done through AI (especially those writing large volumes of content).

For the future, we look forward to training the software to help people write poems, songs, and other content easily. We are also looking forward to incorporating SEO tools into the software to help users analyze their content and see the SEO score to make it easier for ranking on search results.

What are some of the challenges you have faced as a young techpreneur?

I have faced several challenges so far. The biggest challenge has been trying to balance between working full-time and working on my startup.

This is because I cannot leave my full-time job as it is the one financing my startup company. Striking a balance between the two has been pretty challenging but I coped well, knowing that if I wanted my startup to succeed I would have to give it my all.

I would work at my full-time job during the day and then later I would work at my start-up during the night.

However, I am slowly learning how to manage my time better so that I can give more attention to my startup without suffering burnout.

I am also constantly seeking advice from experienced entrepreneurs to learn from their mistakes and successes.

What would your advice to budding techpreneurs be?

My advice to them would be to take the shot and work on something they are passionate about. This is because many of us get bogged down by planning and waiting for the perfect opportunity which never comes.

Your project doesn’t need to be perfect from the start. They should also brace themselves to take the lead in every aspect of their project because in the beginning, you might not be having a big team and you will need to work all around.

Mr. Sammy Ekaran,

Founder, Jiandikie AI Software

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp Number: +254711114002

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