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8 Places You Should Never Charge Your Phone



Coffee Shops

Cybersecurity experts warn that criminals are installing hidden readers and downloaders between the USB ports and the power sources in coffee shops, airports, lounges, and other public places, says former Microsoft executive and cybersecurity expert J. Eduardo Campos.

So when you charge your device while sipping your drink in a coffee shop, you might be opening yourself up to identity theft.

“Worse than giving up your information to an unknown party, your phone can be ‘infected’ by malware downloaded into your phone,”

Campos says.

“Then, the criminal will just monitor your phone usage and wait to collect any financial data or sensitive information, or just use your data plan to carry out spurious transactions.”

Another way to protect yourself?

Get a USB port protector, which you plug between your phone and the public power station to avoid any unauthorized data transfer. That way, you can use any public USB power source without your cellphone or tablet being hacked, Campos says.

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