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A Comparison Between Vape Pods vs Mod or Vape Tanks : TechMoran



A Comparison Between Vape Pods vs Mod or Vape Tanks : TechMoran

Vape Pods VS mods and tanks, which one is better? Many vape brands are moving to pod kits, but is this the right approach? Vaping enthusiasts have vape kits that have modern and new-fangled features. Can vape pods compete with the proven mod and tank combo? Read on to learn more! 

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Vape Pods:

Some vape pods came out about 5 or 6 years ago, the Voopoo being a notable example. These vape kits worked for their time, being as user-friendly as possible.

At the time, most pods were produced by big companies like Aspire and Geek Vape. 

Things are changing fast, and in 2022 there are many different vape pods to choose from. Manufacturers sometimes invest more in this type of kit, such as B.SMOK and its RPM line. 

Adding an OLED screen with a variety of configurations to choose from provides the functionality of a mod with the convenience of a pod. The appearance of small vape pod kits has also improved since their inception, especially the amount of vapour, which can not only match or even exceed some pods and fuel tanks. These vape kits are convenient to use and are not perplexing.

Benefits Of Vape Pods:

Vape pods have many advantages over mods and tanks. The most notable benefit is the ease of maintenance and use, making pod kits ideal for new vapers. Some have disposable tanks, so you can throw away the old one, get a new one, and keep vaping with burst flavours. Voopoo Vinci Pods are famous for their advanced features, as these are up to the mark.

Vape pods are also compact and lightweight compared to some mod/tank combos and are considered by most to be more suitable for on-the-go use. Pod kits are also great for use with Nic Salts, the best kit to get the most out of this alternative liquid. Many experienced vapers use pods filled with nic salts as well as regular pods, as well as pods filled with standard pre-mixed juice.

Mods And Tanks:

Mods & tanks offer vapers the freedom to choose what’s best for them. This type of e-cig has been around for years and is the most common setup used by vapers. Voopoo Drag S is among the top-choice people rely on for exceptional results.

But is the mod/tank combo better than a vape pod? Or is this kind of setup beginning to show its age? Let’s take a closer look.

Mods & Tanks Benefits

Mods & tanks are the most versatile setups you could use. Different mod sizes are available, and there is a tank for literally any vaper. Battery life can be as much or as little as you want, and the ability to customise vape settings is available for advanced vapers. Pods have customisable settings too, but far from the freedom offered by a mod & tank combo. You should choose your vape kits wisely as these factors make your vaping experience. 

Mods & tanks do not force you to use proprietary hardware (like pods), so you can replace the tank if you need more powerful performance. Some vapers will start with a basic MTL tank, then buy one with sub-ohm capabilities to upgrade. This depends on the mod’s power, but most can handle tank upgrades easily.

You can use virtually any vape liquid on a mod & tank combo. High VG is very well suited as vape pods often struggle to use it effectively. This is a major advantage and one that often sways a vaper’s decision.


So should you choose a vape pod or a mod & tank combo? This guide will surely help you to pick out the suitable pod for you and for your vaper friends.

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