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African Journalist Collins Okinyo admitted in Hospital after falling ill



African Journalist Collins Okinyo admitted in Hospital after falling ill

African journalist and Managing Editor Collins Okinyo has been admitted in hospital at the High dependency Unit in his home country Kenya after suffering from Superior Sagittal Sinus (SSS) Thrombosis in the brain.

It’s the third time Okinyo is being admitted in the year 2023 after covering a successful World Cup in Qatar.

From Qatar Collins also covered Morocco’s homecoming in Rabat and he had been enlisted by CAF to work with the media team in Algeria for the 2022 TotalEnergies African Nations Championship but he had by then been admitted in hospital.

Collins fell ill on 3rd January, 2023 from Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in his left leg. He was admitted for 6 days at the Aga Khan hospital in Kisumu Kenya.

Upon his discharge Collins suffered serious headaches 2 days later. An MRI scan was done and it was discovered the blood clots have moved to the brain.

He was then admitted for 5 more days but again after his discharge the serious headaches continued. His Doctor Julius Okel advised for him to seek specialised treatment in Nairobi by visiting a hematologist and neurosurgeon.

Additional MRI test further added to the doctors worry

Superior Sagittal Sinus (SSS) Thrombosis needing him to be immediately admitted on the 24th January 2023 at the High dependency unit at Nairobi West hospital.

We at wish Collins a quick recovery.

An African football Journalist with a passion for the beautiful game. He is also a freelance Sports Photographer and Graphic designer.

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