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Aisha Jumwa’s Chilling Warning to ODM Causes a Stir




Belligerent Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa has issued vicious threats against members of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

In a trending video posted on social media the rebel lawmaker threatened to chase away and act on ODM Youth leader, John Ketora, for campaigning for the party candidate, Reuben Mwamure Katana, in the Ganda Ward by-election.

“They were brought from Nairobi and I am not interested in their foolishness. I want to warn them. Woe unto you! 

“Watch out or else troubles will befall you. Ketora I have all the necessary information about you. If you think that you can roam around in Ganda thumping your chest freely, my friend, be warned. We will deal with you appropriately” an angry Jumwa lashed out.

Reacting to the outburst, ODM Director of Elections Phillip Etale lashed out at Jumwa stating that Jumwa had resorted to threats instead of campaigning on a fairground.

“Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa after sensing defeat for her candidate in the Ganda Ward by-election has resorted to issuing threats to ODM officials campaigning for the party candidate.

“She shamelessly threatened ODM Youth Leader John Ketora with dire consequences should he and his team continue campaigning for the party candidate,” Etale reacted through a post on Facebook. 

He went on to state that Jumwa, still an ODM member despite her public rebellion, was obliged to respect the party’s decisions.

“Perhaps Hon. Jumwa fails to understand one thing; the party is obligated and allowed by law to send anyone anywhere in the country to campaign for its candidate,” Etale lashed back

Ganda Ward by-election is scheduled for Thursday, October, 17. 

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