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Akothee upsets Kenyans after going live on Instagram drunk (VIDEO)




It is not a lie that Akothee’s life is our entertainment.

Yesterday, she went live on Instagram not once not twice but four times and no, the sessions were not cut off by Instagram, it was all her. Zilkua zimeshika.

She was dressed in really short shorts and a vest that you could tell she really wanted to take off. Dancing to the music playing from her TV, she enjoyed her night and gave us late night entertainment too.

We are not sure what she was drinking but it unleashed the Sasha fierce in Akothee. You could really see she was trying to whine but the alcohol could not allow her to.

She placed a pillow on the floor and read hateful comments from some of the 1000 plus people who tuned in to the live session.

We all know, never come for Akothee because she will publicly and shamelessly call you out. In the live session, people kept telling her to behave as she is a mother but she was not going to stop.

She called those ladies out telling them they are jealous of her gorgeous body. We must admit for a mother of five, she has an amazing body. From what we hear from mothers, it is not easy to lose baby fat.



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If I had her body, I would probably do the same.

In case you missed the interesting live session, watch the videos below for a mini experience of what was going on late last night.

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