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Ali Kiba left in shock after fan gropes his goods on stage



Ali Kiba is one of those men women look at and wish he was theirs.

So he had a major show in Kampala, Uganda and as per the usual he called a fan on stage but he wasn’t ready for what transpired.

So the lady comes on stage and Ali Kiba was singing one of his major songs, Kadogo, and the fan dressed in a very long slit dress decided today is the day.

Ali Kiba just wanted to grind on her but weh! It started out normal until she slides her hands on the manz goodies and grabbed them.

‘She is under strict counselling!’ Ali Kiba’s wife suffering emotional trauma

alikiba 10

The look on the singers face just proved he was not ready for all this. He was in so much shock but because he was at work, he had to try to act normal. He held his goods to avoid another scare and went on with the show like nothing happened.

You know what, watch the video below:

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