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All the rhyming calls in a 90-ball Bingo game! : TechMoran



All the rhyming calls in a 90-ball Bingo game! : TechMoran

Whether you’ve played Bingo in person at your local Bingo hall, or virtually via one of the many online platforms available, you’ve more than likely heard the traditional Bingo calls that occur every game.

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Each number that is played, has its own unique Bingo call. Some pay homage to moments in history, some nod to politics, and others describe the shape of the number such as 22 resembling two little ducks.

There are a few calls that rhyme with the number it represents within the game, which is what we’re going to delve into in this article. But, before we look closer at the rhyming Bingo calls found here in the UK, let’s first find out what exactly a Bingo call is…

What is a Bingo call?

Bingo calls are used within games of Bingo, both on and offline, as a way to clarify which number is being called out of the 90, sometimes 75, balls that are in play.

When playing at a Bingo hall for instance, if you’re at the back of the hall, some numbers could sound similar to each other when called. So to help clarify what number is being called, and to ease any potential confusion, Bingo calls are used.

Bingo calls that rhyme

Now for the bit you’ve all been waiting for – the section of the article that reveals what numbers have a Bingo call that rhymes with the number itself. Are you ready to get rhyming?

3 – Cup of tea

4 – Knock at the door

5 – Man alive

8 – Garden gate

15 – Young and keen

20 – Getting plenty

23 – Thee and me

25 – Duck and dive

26 – Pick and mix

27 – Gateway to heaven

28 – In a state / Overweight

29 – Rise and shine

30 – Dirty Gertie

31 – Get up and run

33 – Dirty knee

34 – Ask for more

37 – More than eleven

46 – Up to tricks

51 – Tweak of the thumb

52 – Danny La Rue

53 – Stuck in a tree

54 – Clean the floor

58 – Make them wait

61 – Baker’s bun

62 – Turn the screw / Tickety-boo

63 – Tickle me

64 – Red raw

66 – Clickety click

67 – Stairway to heaven

68 – Pick a mate

71 – Bang on the drum

73 – Queen bee

74 – Hit the floor

79 – One more time

81 – Stop and run

82 – Straight on through

83 – Time for tea

85 – Staying alive

86 – Between the sticks

87 – Torquay in Devon

Now you know all the rhyming Bingo calls used within the UK, will you be listening out for them a little more than you used to, when you next grab your dauber, physically or virtually, and head to one of the many Bingo games taking place?

Whatever you do with this new rhyming information, we hope this article has helped you to understand the rhymes within the Bingo lingo world, and why using Bingo calls is so important to all that play worldwide.

See you at the next Bingo game!

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