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Andre Onana has confirmed his exit from the Cameroon squad via a heartfelt letter



Onana had cited Song’s tactics as too traditional thus falling out with the gaffer. Song had no choice but to drop the Inter Milan keeper before their Serbia clash.

The Cameroon Football Federation, later on, posted a press release to confirm that they supported Song’s actions and that they will always give him the support that he needs.

Onana took to his social media pages today November 29, 2022, to write a heartfelt message to his supporters after being kicked out from the squad.

“I want to express my affection for my country and the national team. Yesterday I was not allowed to be on the ground to help Cameroon as I always do, to achieve the team’s goals.

“I always behaved in a way to lead the team to success in a good manner. I have put all my efforts and energy into finding solutions to a situation that a footballer often experiences, but there has been no will on the other side.

“Some moments are difficult to assimilate. However, I always respect and support the decisions of the people in charge of pursuing the success of our team and country.

“I extend all my strength to my teammates because we demonstrated that we are capable of going very far in this completion.

“The values that I promote as a person and as a player are the ones that identify me and that my family has given me since my childhood. Representing Cameroon has always been a privilege. The nation first and forever. Thank you!” Posted Onana.

It has been confirmed that Onana will fly to Paris first before heading to Yaoundé.

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