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Another Fake Jubilee Promise as Unga Prices Shoot from Sh 100 to Sh 140



The promise to maintain unga prices at Sh 100 per 2kg packet joins the long list of Jubilee government pledges that have never been actualized despite using them as an effective campaign tool in 2017. Today, unga prices have shot from Sh 120 to 140 and nobody in government is not giving a hoot about it.

 2kg packet of maizemeal is today retailing at between Sh130 and Sh140 depending on the brand.

With the depressed consumer purchasing power triggered by a hike in the inflation rate, households should brace for hard times as it is going to be difficult to place a meal of ugali on their tables.

The inflation rate was 4.95 per cent last month (October) compared to 3.83 per cent last month. This was driven by increased cost of food and alcoholic beverages. 

This is the second time, in two years, that the cost of a 2kg packet of maize flour have hit the Sh140 figure since the 2017 drought.

The worrying news comes even before the dust has settled on the wrangles between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Strategic Food Reserve over the management of the commodity.

Crops and Research Permanent Secretary Hamadi Boga confirmed the increase in unga prices and attributed this to a shortage of maize in the country. He said the situation will come down with the impending harvest.

He said it will however go up again in March 2020 but the ministry currently monitoring the situation. 

He said the inadequate 2019/2020 long rains had not made the situation any easier as the harvest will be nine million bags short of the 44 million bags harvested in 2018/2019.

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