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Francis Atwoli has gone controversially viral after he said in order to keep fit, he has to make love at least six times in a week.

Atwoli explained that sex is the best exercise for the body, enabling one to live without stress and at the same time clearing one’s mind of any psychological imbalances to remain fit.

He said the higher the number of times one plays sex, the more physically fit and strong one becomes. Atwoli said he doesn’t need anyone to confirm this theory for him for it has successfully worked, proving to be real and practical.

The Secretary-General of the Central Organization of Trade Unions explained that the importance of sex in an adult’s life can never be underestimated.

“I am very fit physically,” he proudly showed his muscles.

The COTU SG at a previous function

He said that sex basically engages the entire body, a fact that contributes to the body getting relief and in turn constitutes to the well being of an individual. Atwoli added that after good sex and especially one that leaves the participants fully satisfied at least for the moment, the body automatically gets revitalized, re-energized and refreshed a great deal.

The secretary-general emphasized that the sex organs get aerated, giving them an ambient atmosphere for good growth and consequently good performance when put to task.

Atwoli likened the feeling obtained from having multiple sex durations to the one a sick person would get when they bath.

He explained that in situations where one is unwell and therefore takes two or three days before bathing, a good bath on the third or fourth day would not only be medicinal but also a heart-rending occasion. Similarly, he said, sex, and a good one at that offers the body system a fulfilling sensation, coordinates the body organs in an oddly sweet pattern, giving the participants youthful agility and aggression that works miracles at to leave one physically fit and filled with natural strength.


He proudly confessed that ordinarily, he engages in sex six times weekly within tight and busy schedules.

However, when he is off duty, Atwoli said he could basically be sleeping with his wives all the day long. Ironically, the secretary denied claims that too much sex made one suffer fatigue and added that despite weighing 133Kgs, he has successfully maintained the habit he began nearly thirteen years ago.

He called on married couples to spend as much time as they can with each other, giving their spouses that primarily led to the embracing of the matrimony in the first place. He, Atwoli, dismissed claimed that marriage is not all about sex, saying sex is actually everything about marriage.

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