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Babu Owino speaks on ‘the white powder’ viral picture



Babu Owino

Embakasi MP Babu Owino was trending once again this weekend.

A picture doing rounds -below- of him with a white substance at a house party has got Kenyans questioning a lot.

The picture got to him and he had to address the claims. Now keep in mind early in the week he claimed his life was in danger as he was being threatened. Read all about it below:

Babu Owino expresses fear over death threats

Babu Owino posted a video on social media where he refutes claims that he is the man about to snort. He claims it is photoshop and the same people who are threatening to take his life now want to tarnish his name.

Owino further revealed that the group had in the past sent him photoshopped images of himself in compromising positions with the intent to have him bow to their demands. It, however, remains unclear who these people are.

Even with all this drama going on in his life, Babu Owino says he will not succumb to the threats. He will still fight for what he believes is true and he will still keep going on with his political ambition.

Watch the video below of him exposing the threats:

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