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Baby & Mother Jailed One Month After Delivering Through Ceaserean Released



Embu women representative, Pamela Njoki Njeru, came to the rescue of a new mother who was in remand for one week at Embu Majimbo Prison. 

One month after undergoing a caesarean section while delivering her baby, the woman was arrested for allegedly stealing.

According to Njeru, who secured the woman’s freedom on Friday, November 25, the husband sold their business without her knowledge.

Upon returning from maternal break, she was arrested while on the business’s premises and accused of theft. 

Embu Waman Representative Pamela Njoki Njeru holds a baby after helping her mother raise a Ksh30,000 cash bail.


Pamela Njoki

She could not raise a cash bail of Ksh30,000 as directed by the court and was consequently sent to remand. 

“Due to the online plight and several calls, this evening, I rescued a mother who was remanded in Embu Majimbo women’s prison days after leaving the hospital,” the MP stated. 

“I couldn’t fathom how she would survive in such a situation, so I had to rescue her from such conditions, and we thank God we got her out of the prison,” Njeru added. 

While in remand, her situation worsened after the stitches on her caesarean wound opened. 

In addition, the woman recounted her life in the facility and the overall welfare of her fellow inmates. Despite being a lactating mother, the new mother stated that she was not offered any special treatment. 

She only took two meals in a day, just like her fellow inmates and carried out duties with no exception. 

According to her, the wardens disregarded instructions from senior officers to excuse her from prison chores. 

“I ate only two meals, just like the other inmates. 

“Even after the senior officers recommended special treatment, the wardens assumed the orders,” she stated. 

The woman turned emotional and could not hide her joy after securing her freedom from prison. She thanked the woman representative for her goodwill in a much-needed time.  

The gates of the Nakuru Women's Prison

The gates of the Nakuru Women’s Prison


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