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Bensoul’s new jam dubbed ‘Niombee’ is absolutely awesome (Video)



Talented singer Benson Mutua, popularly known as Bensoul, has dropped a new song and we are really feeling it. No, like really! The jam titled Niombee, which is a Swahili word that means ‘pray for me’, chronicles Bensoul’s musical journey from an unknown artist who was struggling to make ends meet in Embu to being signed up by Sauti Sol. In the song, the 23-year-old artist says that his prayers aren’t enough and asks his mother to have him in mind when she’s talking to God i.e. praying. Bensoul says that he has been exposed to the fast life, glitz and glam that comes with fame. As such, he is asking God to keep him grounded and connected to his roots. I really love this jam. It’s such a beautiful composition. Before I hit the play button, I knew that it was going to be one amazing jam and I was not disappointed. As I was listening to it, I kind of got the feeling like it was a gospel jam because it talks about praying and all. Actually I could not help but draw comparisons between it and Sauti Sol’s Kuliko Jana. The other thing that struck me about this song is of course the instrumentation. You guy, it is so on point so much so that you are watching Bensoul live on stage. The video is also on point not for any other reason but because it tells you as story and that’s why people shoot videos or isn’t that the reason? As you watch it, you can see Bensoul packing his clothes and guitar before bidding his mother farewell. Later on, you see him performing before a huge crowd and it reinforces the message that he is who he is because of prayers. Watch Niombee below and…

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