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Best friend slept with my hubby to be one week before wedding ▷ Kenya News




Three months ago, Lisa was nearly consumed by rage and depression after she learnt that his boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend.

George had dated Lisa for at least six years and plans were underway for them to wed.

“It was a week before our wedding when I noticed unusual behaviour from George. He ignored my calls and even never bothered to call.

The same happened to my texts. I felt something was a mess,” said Lisa.

Out of curiosity, she started snooping his phone and one evening, her jaw dropped.

They were having evening coffee in a restaurant when George left for the washrooms but left his phone at the table.

Her worst fears were confirmed after a love text message rushed through from a familiar number.

“I captured it only to realise it was Stella, my best friend,” Lisa recalled.

Lisa said she felt helpless. This feeling was even made worse after realising the illicit relationship had been on for a while.

She thought about wedging war against Stellah but realised such actions may land her on the wrong side of the law.

Lisa intimated that she had read about native love Doctor Kasimbi Wa Nzamba on a news website and also watched some of his works on TV.

Daktari Kasimbi, according to Lisa, was touted for his incredible ability to cast love spells and also discipline cheating partners.

She used the contacts provided and was able to meet with the traditional healer at his working station.

After Lisa met Kasimbi, she was given special herbs and instructed to dip in George’s bathing water as an initial plan to uncover his evil deeds.

A separate dose was also prepared for his food.

“Two days after doing what Kasimbi told me, I was informed George was interlocked with a woman in another house he owns in Rongai.

I dashed there only to find him gnashing in pain and the accomplice was my best friend Stellah. Wedding plans were already afoot. I was hurt, felt betrayed and humiliated,” she continued.

The scene was very disgusting and according to many who new the duo, it was set to grow a rift between them.

It was definite that the wedding was not going to happen and all plans ran to a halt.

On learning this, Daktari Kasimbi counselled the two and proclaimed a binding love spell on them.

Since May, the pair has been learning on how to deal with the incident. George’s parents also intervened and he pledged to be faithful.

They plan to wed mid next year and this is to allow family and friends bury the past and embrace the revitalised relationship.


Daktari Kasimbi has established himself as unbeatable star in uniting divorced or separated lovers and many who have visited him can attest to this.

Additionally, he has medicine that can influence promotion at work, spin court cases and cushion homes from spiritual and physical attacks.

In matters reproductive health, the herbalist is able to help barren women conceive, treat STIs, control severe pain during menstruation among many other ailments.

Contact Daktari Kasimbi Wa Nzamba on 0722618161 and have your troubles addressed with the urgency they require.

Healer Kasimbi wa Nzamba is available in Nzambani Kitui and Nakuru counties.

The Love Potion Giver | Tuko TV.

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