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Betty Kyalo Reveals Why She Dumped Governor Joho



Betty Kyalo and Ali Hassan Joho

After years of denying any involvement to Mombasa’s flashy Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, Betty Kyalo has finally admitted that she and Joho were in fact brewing something behind the scenes.

Speaking to True love, the TV girl reportedly opened up about her romantic involvement with the governor who’s considered a romantic god by many Kenyan ladies.

According to Kyalo, Joho and her got close to each other in May 2016. The two were allegedly going through a painful separation in their respective unions, hence connected on similar grounds; of pain and pleasure.

Kyalo admitted that the two decided to have ‘something’ based on their similarities. Their relationship reportedly put her in a comfort zone as the sultan went all out to to treat her right.

Betty in her story describes 001 as a fun loving person who is easy to talk and hang out with. In their honeymoon stage, the two used to spot matching outfits and shoes until their relationship went south.

According to Betty, their contrasting cultures and varying ultimate life goals could not let their relationship prosper peacefully. However, Kyalo moved on and found her happiness in a man she’s yet to disclose. Happiness is surely a good thing.

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