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Book Review – Treason: The Case Against Tyrants & Renegades by Miguna Miguna



An election year has passed but we didn’t have Miguna Miguna in Kenya, lest we would be reading another insider account of the demagoguery of senior state officials.

Miguna is a great writer and we miss his writing.

In my first review of this book, I stated that the author, Miguna Miguna is a veritable force, he exposes the doublespeak of the politicians.

That was the Miguna that we lost between 2018 and 2022.

He has constantly maintained that Raila Odinga is a  conman, while at the same time, he is hush on the excesses of the current regime.

It is Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto that benefitted from the deportation of Miguna. It is even clearer now who benefitted from a second Uhuru Kenyatta term.

In 2022, during campaigns, Ruto told Kenyans that he is the one who prevented Uhuru from going to Ichwaweri.

How do times change?

We missed a new book.

Anyway, Treason: The Case Against Tyrants & Renegades by Miguna Miguna centred on the insider accounts of the now defunct National Super Alliance (NASA) Coalition of Political Parties.

NASA had bigwigs such as ODM’s Raila Odinga, ANC’s Musalia Mudavadi, Ford Kenya’s Moses Wetangula, WIPER’s Kalonzo Musyoka and Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) Isaac Rutto

The book particularly revealed the inner working of the machinery employed to put Raila Odinga in state house in 2017.

After Raila’s fourth election loss, the shenanigans surrounding a growing resistance movement aka NRM is well covered.

The conniving.

The double-speak

The cold feet.

Miguna alleges that Siaya Senator James Orengo had lost steam in fronting liberation ideals.

He also reveals that Jimmy Wanjigi, the businessman had been a mole for Kikuyu-business interest, and Mombasa Governor Joho was a clueless errant boy.

The book has some other great revelations such as the efficiency and effectiveness of Dagoretti North Member of Parliament Simba Arati.

It is easy to see why out of all the other MPs, it was Simba Arati’s house that was surrounded by police officers in the lead to the sham second elections on 26th October 2017.

Arati is a great mobiliser.

The book rises to a sad chapter where the little-known experience of Miguna when he was abducted twice, the last time sedated and forcefully exiled in Dubai is revealed.

If you want to read about how the killer police squads in Kenya operate. Get to this book. Miguna has the gory details from page 270.

Nevertheless, Miguna comes to terms with his betrayal by the people who, though were true to the cause, left it at a very critical moment.

It is written in great English.

I will not repeat here what Miguna wrote. However, I wish to state that the book was hurried and I identified 38 typos or errors that I shared with the author and he acknowledged them as having been corrected.

“Hi Miguna”, I wrote on WhatsApp, “What I want to tell you is that I bought and read your book. Though I completed it a while back, I’ve been thinking of compiling the errors you made in the great book, so that perhaps, if you would like to publish it in the future, those corrections can be made. In total, I found 38 errors. And I would like to share them now.”

Miguna responded, “Good afternoon. Thanks a lot for the message and effort, which is appreciated. Fortunately, I have already corrected all the typos. My apologies for them. I’m very impressed by your meticulous review of the book”.

The book is a good read and a historical gem for Kenyans.


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