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Breaking!! Raila’s Inauguration ceremony mired in deep secrecy as the swearing-in Committee applies for 12 venues in NASA leaning Counties.



The Editor.

December 6, 2017,

The country is waking up to yet another twist as it emerges that the NASA Coalition has applied for 12 venues in a bid to dupe the over-zealous security forces and ensure a smooth ceremony on 12.12.2017 for the Enigma.

Not surprisingly, the ‘secrecy’ with which the planning is shrouded in by the organizers has left many pundits puzzled at the determination and sophistication with which the Odinga team is operating. Many are just left speculating as to whether the big day shall come to pass—this event goes to confirm that the NASA team is dead serious and are out to make good their threat to swear the Peoples President to assume office in full force.

The National Super Alliance has been toying with the idea of swearing in Raila Amollo Odinga as President of the Republic of Kenya for a while now and continues to be embroiled in secrecy and suspense that has kept the government security agencies guessing and supporters anxious.

Others are of the opinion that the 12 venues might be a plan to run concurrent ceremonies in the Twelve County headquarters so as to give prominence to the occasion, but some think it is a way of ensuring the security forces are kept guessing and are also stretched to capacity on a material day.

Information reaching The Kenyan report indicates that only proven loyalists and close aides are privy to the plans—even NASA leaning bloggers are left in the dark as to what is the next plan in this high stakes game. This is intended to seal the possibility of any potential leaks to the government and security agencies.

The government has intensified threat towards the opposition by arresting its strongest critics within its ranks; DR. David Ndii, who is spearheading NASA’s strategy think tank and was also retained as the chairman of the Peoples Assembly Committee by none other than Prime Minister Raila Odinga himself.

Kenyans and the world will be watching, as December 12th gets closer as to how the government will respond. The Law Society of Kenya and other notable legal minds including Otiende Amollo have said that the constitution allows for inauguration and there is nothing wrong or illegal with swearing in of

Raila Odinga—they further argue that the people are sovereign and they can recall their powers at will if they feel their will is being subverted, as was the case with the August general elections




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