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Bridegroom confesses best man slept with his wife night before the wedding ▷ Kenya News



As a groom, when choosing your wedding party, you pick the friends and family closest to you, the ones you think would never betray you. Sadly, there are a lot of people you just can’t trust.

Sometimes these hookups happened before the bride and groom even knew each other, but others, right before the wedding.

A coast based couple has called off their wedding after the bridegroom brutally assaulted his best man on finding him in bed with his future wife.

The drama unfolded after Hassan suspected his bae was having an affair with their best man to be after he bumped on love text messages on her phone.

He chose not to confront her until he had more hard evidence and that’s when he enlisted the services of native doctor Kasimbi Wa Nzamba the unbeatable star in netting cheating partners.

The herbalist who after he inquired of his spirits confirmed the allegations. He gave him concoction that he was to introduce in his bae`s bathing water and some medicine to secretly mix with her jelly.

Barely a week, just five days to their wedding, the spurned lover flew into a fit of rage when he came home to find his fiancée stuck in bed with their best man after the two had sex.

He grabbed his best man in a stranglehold then kicked and struck him repeatedly in the head. Neighbors were swift to rescue the situation and after hour-long negotiations called Kasimbi Wa Nzamba who then separated them.

The best man was left needing ten stitches to his forehead and the wedding has since been cancelled.

The medicine man has also established himself as an unbeatable star in re-uniting divorced or separated lovers, he has medicine that can influence promotion at work.

Spinning court cases and cushioning homes from spiritual and physical attacks (Majini).

In matters of reproductive health, the herbalist is able to help barren women get children, treat STIs, control severe pain during menstruation period among other issues.

He has medicine to manage cancer, cure high blood pressure, asthma and severe headaches

Contact Daktari Kasimbi Wa Nzamba on 0722618161 and have your troubles solved immediately.

He is available in Nzambani Kitui County and Nakuru.


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