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Bungoma High Roars bact to life – Weekly Citizen



Discipline, teamwork, completing the syllabus early and creating sufficient time for revision are among the reasons that has kept Bungoma high school on top.

Other reasons included character formation, involving teachers and parents in student welfare, a strong religious foundation and prayer.

Under the headship of soft spoken Principal Enock Andanje, Bungoma Boys High School has been building on the success so far achieved and improving an area of weakness to achieve the top position in the country which has a reserve few schools over the year’s competing at the top in the public schools category.

Mr.Andanje says hard work is the secret to school success “ one has to obey hard work, however obedient to hard work is blind at times and requires the suspension of reason for one to succeed.”

He said that they are other schools still stuck in a rot with  old ways of days where teachers verbiage and endless rhetoric but for them (Bungoma Boys High school) things are totally different.” By any measure the vision of our school will be replicated across the country” said Andanje.

The principal Says his staff has equally spent mid night oil in preparing the candidates at the heart of Bungoma town excel at the top.

He said his teachers have changed tact and adopted new strategies in teaching methods” students differ in their performance at the end to improve their basic understanding of their subjects” he added.

In an academic year that was marked with many challenges such as students strike they beat the odds to produce a good number of students with direct entry to public universities.

The school was position four with the largest number of students who acquired direct entry to Public universities.

“Our school has been on the upward trend for a couple of years”he posed.

“This is a very hot seat and also exciting, but very demanding, bearing in mind that we must produce better results every year.”he revealed.

Asked  about his vision while still the school principal,said he intended the school to produce brilliant, disciplined and God-fearing students. The culture of excelling every year pushes the next class todo even better because no one wants to be a let-down and that makes management easy.

Mr.Andanje has an inspirational story. When he took over the school, moral of teachers and students had dropped to an all-time low with a poor academic record since the schools structural facilities had won out and with few toilets on the school compound had sunk.

With an equivocal co-operation from parents and the community Mr.Andanje refused to sit pretty and watch as the ghost of poverty presided over the pursuit for success at Bungoma Boys High school.

Despite the hardship at Bungoma Boys High School, what strikes you most is Mr. Andanje’s ability to perfect the zeal to jealously guard the pride of place. Any casual observer would notice without doubt that the academic wheel has come full circle.
The school Principal aver that there’s need for expansion and face lift to improve its infrastructure. The school today combines an impressive modern gate and a dynamic approach to teaching with its proud to heritage of service and achievement.

Now the school has carved a niche to achieve the associated benefits for its students and staff which has continued to mark good results by extensively competing other prominent schools in the national and regional categories.
The principal also disclosed that teachers are always in the compound day and night and students always engage in co-curriculum activities, have family units organised by guiding and counselling masters.

He added that with a supportive board of management, Parents Teachers Association and a principal who is always in school , they expect excellent results.

Their strength is in languages, sciences and mathematics.
“We understand that discipline is the cornerstone to any success. I am happy to say that there has been improved discipline in this school and no doubt, students at Bungoma high are beginning to reap its fruits,” he posed,

The school encourages and rewards self-discipline whereby students work without much supervision. “Doing the right thing at the right time and at the right place sums up self-discipline.

It is this self-discipline that has enabled our school to shine academically and in co-curricula activities,” Andanje said.

Fellow students guide and counsel those who may not be towing the line.

This is done through student leaders who form a hierarchy that ensures free-flow of communication between the administration and the students. Discipline therefore is everybody’s responsibility, with each student being his brother’s keeper.” My office, however, invites parents and guardians to sort out indiscipline cases that impede academic performance,” he added.

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