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Cate Rira Makes Comeback 3 Years After Nation FM Exit [EXCLUSIVE]



Cate Rira Makes Comeback 3 Years After Nation FM Exit [EXCLUSIVE]

It will feature a series of conversations from different perspectives and backgrounds as one…

Media personality Catherine Ngarira, popularly known as Cate Rira, will make her return to the media space nearly three years since she left Nation Media Group’s (NMG) Nation FM.

In a video seen by Viral Tea, Cate was featured in a promo trailer for her new podcast dubbed The Point Of View (POV), which was released on her birthday (Saturday, February 4).

“What a way to celebrate my birthday!!! Introducing the POV Podcast by yours truly! My gift to the world will forever be my voice,” she stated at the time.

Speaking exclusively to Viral Tea, Rira revealed that the podcast, which will be launched on Tuesday, February 7, will feature a series of conversations from different perspectives and backgrounds as one, offering a unique take on stories from everyone’s point of view.

Cate Rira posing for a photo in a studio that will host her new podcast, Point Of View. /COURTESY

“The POV podcast will host different personas and give a 360 view of social, political and economical issues,” she told this writer.

To ensure that no one will be left out, Rira added that the podcast show will feature all Kenyans giving their takes on the current affairs of the country, without discrimination.

“Is my glass half empty? Or is it half full? All valid, what’s your Point Of View,” she states in the video.

Rira parted ways with Nation FM after a stint of one year when she was hosting the Breakfast show Morning Fix alongside Comedian Dr King’ori in September 2019, announcing her exit through her social media pages.

Before joining Nation FM, she used to host NTV’s entertainment show dubbed Lit360 and was part of the Udaku Sasa crew that consisted of Sameer Bry and Jane Ngoiri. She had also worked with 1 FM prior to her stint at NMG.

Rira describes herself as a motivated and zealous creative, and respected media personality with a niche in Communications, Public Relations and Strategy.

She is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Stage PR and Communications and runs her own makeup studio dubbed Rira Beauty.

She is among popular Kenyan personalities who are utilising digital disruption to their advantage by starting new media platforms such as podcasts and YouTube channels, among others which offer flexible ways of keeping in touch with their audiences.

They have the opportunity to create content that is tailored specifically to their interests and engage with their fans in a more intimate and interactive way. Moreover, the platforms also offer them the ability to monetize their content through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise sales, making it a more attractive option for those looking to grow their brand and revenue streams.

Earlier, popular media personality Kamene Goro announced that she is set to launch her YouTube channel after unceremoniously parting ways with Kiss FM. Her replacement, Sheila Kwamboka (Kwambox), officially took over on Monday, February 6.

Watch the promo video: