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CBC has brought more worries than comfort to learners, parents



CBC has brought more worries than comfort to learners, parents

CBC worries • The Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) “has brought more worries than comfort to the learners and parents”, says Kamichore Mutindira. “MPs have decried the high cost of uniforms, and laboratories, early marriages and dropouts. The Education Ministry is just issuing unrealistic directives. Is any leader bold enough to propose a return to 8-4-4?” His contact is [email protected]

Elusive data • While the smart identification system for newborns announced by Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki is “laudable and timely”, the inability to capture the many births out of the hospital is a big challenge, says Taabu Tele. “What is more, lack of integrity in our national fabric will just reduce this potentially good policy to yet another avenue for extortion.” His contact is [email protected]

Trash capital • Never has Nairobi’s central business district been as disorderly as it is with rowdy matatu touts and hawkers taking up pedestrian space, moans Joel Agunda. “Boda bodas often crisscross the wrong side of the major streets and uncollected garbage is all over. Governor Johnson Sakaja, come through for those of us who value orderliness.” His contact is [email protected]

Road grab • Hawkers are doing a good job to earn an honest living on the Eastern Bypass at the Ruiru roundabout on Thika Superhighway, says Dr Victor Isadia. But they should leave space for pedestrians to pass. “They’ve invaded the entire roundabout, making the lives of other road users a nightmare. Let Governor Kimani Wamatangi allocate them space.” His contact is [email protected]

Dying for a drink • The alcohol abuse problem will not be solved unless the addicts have safe and affordable alternatives, says Nicholas Murithi. “We should legalise local liquor, such as muratina, karubu, marwa and gatungu, and regulate drinking hours. What will these guys drink after the toxic concoctions are removed? Let’s be practical and reasonable.” His contact is [email protected]

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