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Celebrities Who Lost Family Bonds While Looking For Love –



They say, the only people who are closest to you are your family. Bonding with them is paramount. But a point comes when you have to part ways with them to follow your own path. But at what cost? Sometimes it ends up being the wrong path and you have to retreat & go back to your family.

Some people have ended up losing their family bond while looking for love; below is a couple of them.


Akothee has been at loggerheads with her family; one for dating white men. The stereotypic speculation that cultures would clash has sufficed with Akothee being at the centre of it all. Additionally, Akothee and her sister Cebbie have had bitter rivalry. Earlier, the mother of five had made a post on her Instagram that insinuated their feud is not just a normal feud but jealousy.

Nasra Yusuf

Comedian Nasra Yusuf and husband announce they're expecting first child

Nasra is an epitome of a failed marriage that was imminent. The jester not only broke up with her lover Rashid, but also lost bond with her family while they were together. According to Nasra, her family did not root for her marriage with him; but she took the risk to try him out. Things did not end up well with her. She is now back to single life again.

Carrol Sonie

I wish you nothing but the best' Carrol Sonnie confirms break up with  Mulamwah

Mulamwah’s ex-girlfriend Sonie took her time to bond with him; without necessarily bonding with her family. They were all over each other. Their first born child came with lots of drama that expedited their break-up. For now, Carrol at least has time to bond with both her daughter and her family.

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