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Chrome to get a quick delete feature



Chrome to get a quick delete feature

There are those times you forget to open an incognito tab only to remember a few minutes later, forcing you to jump into your browser history to delete the pages you’ve been to one by one. This type of hassle could soon be gone thanks to a new feature that is in the pipeline for Chrome on Android devices.

As shared by Chrome Story, the new feature was spotted in a new flag in Chrome for Android. It has the name ‘Quick Delete’ and when enabled, it gives users an option to delete the last 15 minutes of their browsing data quickly and conveniently.

Enabling the feature puts it in the top right corner, where the three dots menu is. Hit the three-dot menu, and you will see the option ‘Quick Delete’ on the overflow menu.

It is worth noting that should this feature see the light of day, it is not the first time Google is experimenting with letting users clear their information quickly. Back in 2021, the tech giant made it possible to let you erase 15 minutes of your account data with a single tap. This feature would let you delete both your browsing history and other account activity like cookies and the like.

Since this Quick Delete addition has only been accessed by enabling a flag in the browser, it is impossible to give it a timeline as to when Google will roll it out to the public. This addition follows the update to Chrome for Android that lets users lock their incognito tabs, preventing anyone else who does not know their password or lock pattern from accessing the said tabs.

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