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‘Chunga Sana!’ Atwoli Secures Exclusive Ownership of ‘Alaa’ Slogan



‘Chunga Sana!’ Atwoli Secures Exclusive Ownership of ‘Alaa’ Slogan

The next time you think of using the famous “alaa” phrase, you must be prepared to meet Cotu Secretary-General Francis Atwoli in court.

The veteran trade unionist has trademarked the word through the Kenya Intellectual Property Dispute (KIPI).

The phrase became an instant hit when Atwoli used it during an appearance at the JK Live show on Citizen TV in May 2021.

Six months later, the workers’ activist made an application to patent the word, acting on the advice of his lawyers since ‘alaa’ had gone viral.

He argued that the phrase was his property on grounds that it could not be translated into English and should be given exclusive rights to it. His request has finally been granted.

The phrase has been by DJs, and entertainers and has also been featured in some adverts.

“Any advert cannot use the word ‘alaa’ unless they get permission from Atwoli,” a close aide of Atwoli told the Nation.

Should anyone now use the slogan without Atwoli’s permission, he/she could be sued and fined, jailed, or both.

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