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City tycoon Daniel Ojijo with Muliti Billion companies that never pays tax,is tax evasion not a crime? – Milele FM





Homes Universal is a real estate consortium of more than ten subsidiaries that offer the full range of real estate services ranging from property development, sales and lettings, valuations, property management, property exhibitions, interior design and a host of other complementary services. Over the years, the group has continued to thrive by anticipating the needs of the market and quickly adapting so as to provide the required services conveniently under one roof through its wide network of subsidiaries.

Some of this companies under it includes, Villacare Limited,Villacare Management, Homes Kenya, Security 24, Home Fix ,Sigimo Enterprises, Home Expo among few others. City tycoon Daniel Ojijo who owns this  Muliti Billion company is an tax evasion criminal.Our preliminary investigation show that the guy pays off the frequent Kenya Revenue guys,names withheld  who  visits the company frequently alot of money. Hivipunde tried to make an inquiry from top KRA officials but it was on a weekend so we will make another inquiry today about during working hours .

One of his staff ,name withheld confirmed to us that Ojijo can not be touched by KRA since they receive huge amounts of money from them,this was also confirmed by an ex staff who moved from the company some years ago. Daniel Ojijo looks untouchable, a business Mogul who has been in Kenyan Business for time,maybe evading taxes is whats making him grow this first. Do you know that tax evasion makes Ojijo pay his staff double salary ? (Confirmed) Staff X says that, ” can you imagine we even get double pays so that no one can even reveal that we never pay taxes ,bearing in mind how tax evasion is crime in this country?”Lets touch on this city based tycoons history.


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In 2016 , Daniel Ojijo founder of the Homes Kenya Expo was  named as a beneficiary of stolen Government money being laundered through the property market. He was possibly aware of many other Government officials using his many fronts to invest on behalf of Government crooks.

The Public Investment Committee noted that money stolen from Government was being largely used to invest in real estate, and being that the sector is largely unregulated, acts as the best conduit for money-laundering. From the sixth floor of his office located at New Rehema House, Westlands, Daniel Agili Ojijo has a good view of one of the city’s richest districts. Buildings— commercial and residential — are at various stages of construction. This is not wishful for a man who has been in the business of developing, selling and managing large projects over the years. But things were a bit different a little over two decades ago.

Back then, Ojijo went scouting for a new home. For hours on end, he combed his preferred neighbourhood without success. The exercise was tedious. “There must be an easier way of looking for a house,” he said to himself. Revelation And an easier way there was. Ojijo called a housing agent who, at a fee of Sh5,000, showed him a house that fit his needs. At the time, agents were looked down on as people who were only interested in getting a few coins from prospective home owners without much service delivery. Were it not for that personal experience, perhaps Ojijo would not have ventured into the dynamic world of real estate where he has become a household name.


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