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Climax Coaches ban travel for sick passengers – Weekly Citizen



Climax Coaches ban travel for sick passengers – Weekly Citizen

Management of the notorious Climax Coaches has indefinitely prohibited sick people from travelling with them following numerous deaths of such passengers  along the journey.

The new rule comes amidst government`s sustained war against cult activities in the country.

Apparently, the famous bus plying the Nyanza and Western regions had been turned into a death scene as a result of an increased number of mysterious deaths of passengers.

The management are quick to link the sad scenario to a situation where critically ill passengers are booked as travelers only to die before reaching their destinations.

As a result, the management has warned on their social media pages that they will no longer accept vividly sick travelers to avoid potential trouble.

“ You should take your sick relatives to the hospital instead of abandoning them as passengers with us” reads part of the online statement .

Climax Coaches has competitively travelled the former Nyanza, Rift Valley and Western Provinces for the last 10 years.

The bus is notoriously known for overloading and speeding.

Among the top shareholders are directors Beatrice Kambo and George Kinyanjui.

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