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Computer holding information on SGR irregular payout goes missing at National Land Commission!





Kenyans have been woken up to the rude shock that a computer has been stolen on the 2nd floor of Ardhi House which houses the National Land Commission financial operations.

The CPU holding all the database in regards to the land compensation payouts has been confirmed stolen by NLC Chair Muhamad Swazuri.

The loss of data is a big blow to the anti fraud team EACC(Ethics and Ati Corruption Commission) as the various land payout compensation schemes amounting to billions of Kenya Shillings for different projects that is the SGR phase 1and 2,LAPPSET project ,Nairobi-Outering Road amongst others were stored in the missing computer which were under investigation.

Photo courtesy of Kenyan Wallstreet

Though the big question is does the NLC not have an IT department that backs up data and why would a computer holding such crucial information be easily accessible that it can be stolen without anyone noticing immediately or not set off alarms? There is a lot of mischief to be read in this new turn of events as both the secretariat and the commissioners at the Commission have been squabbling over employment terms.

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