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Concern as adolescents record increase in HIV infections



Concern as adolescents record increase in HIV infections

The Ministry of Health has described the frequency of new HIV infections among teenagers and young people as alarming.

Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumincha observed that although the nation has made strides and advances in the fight against HIV, the rising number of new cases among teenagers and young adults and mother-to-child transmission of HIV are concerning trends.

According to estimates from Kenya, youth and young adults may be responsible for up to 40 percent of all new HIV infections.

According to Nakhumicha, the number of persons with HIV receiving life-saving antiretroviral treatment has increased five-fold, despite a 58 percent decrease in AIDS-related deaths each year.

“However, the number of new infections among adolescents and young people is a worrying trend,” she said.

She was speaking while hosting the UNAIDs Executive Director Winnie Byanyima.

Kenya has a firm seat at the table of the major international decision-making body after being chosen vice chair of the UNAIDS Programme Coordination Board in December 2022.