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‘Count Jay and I as dead to you!’ Rayvanny dumped by wife (SCREENSHOT)



I really do not know who to feel sorry for because Rayvanny’s speech is so touching and his wife, Fahy Vanny’s break up message shows she is fed up.

Let me keep you up to speed on the shocking news Raybanny received this weekend. So his wife sent him a message telling him to forget about her and their son. In fact, she tells him to consider them dead.

Count me and Jay as dead in your life. I will fight and I will win. I will not lack money for food  but just consider Jay and i dead to you

I am not a marriage or relationship coach but Rayvanny’s response suggests he saw this coming. Seems like their marriage has been rocky for a while and Fahy Vanny has been showing signs she is tired.

Ravyanny has always seemed like a chilled no fight no drama kinda guy unlike his boss Diamond and his former colleague, Harmonize.

He shared on social media a reply maybe because she blocked him everywhere but that was tea for us. He wrote,

I have respected you for all these years we’ve been together. We have disagreed on a lot and forgiven each other. You have been craving for a life I have been telling you will not help you.

He then finishes by sending her blessings in her life and accepting that it is over.

“I respect you and our family but if you have decided to leave then I will not blame you. I still love my family and I wish you all the best in life ????” Rayvanny concluded

WCB’s official deejay, Rommy Jones responded to the online drama, asking if it was necessary.


Rayvanny finally leaving WCB? He addresses issues regarding his departure

Many of Rayvanny’s followers tend to think this is just some form of a publicity stunt, Kiki, but we cannot confirm. For now, we go with the words from the horse’s mouth.

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