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Court Shocked as Police Informer Narrates How Officers Killed Lawyer Willie Kimani and His Clients



One would be forgiven for believing it was a script of a thriller movie. The court was stunned as a detailed account on the murder of lawyer Willie Kimani was read.

Police officer Geoffrey Kinyua took to the stand on Monday to read the confession of police informer Peter Ngugi who is also one of the accused in the case.

He gave chilling details on how the execution of Kimani and two others were killed in the hands of the police. The other two were Kimani’s client Josphat Mwenda and taxi driver Joseph Muiruri.

According to the confession, Ngugi, a former bodaboda rider was recruited as a police informer in 2011 mostly around Kabete.

Ngugi revealed how they killed Kimani and two other victims before their bodies were dumped in the Ol Donyo Sabuk river. His job was to remove the victims from the boot of the car and hand them to the police for execution.

At 10pm, the bodaboda guy, Mwenda, was the first to be killed by strangling with a rope. An hour later, the second victim, Muiruri, was taken to another corner and executed through strangling.

He was then put in two sacks because he was too tall to fit in one.

The third victim, Kimani, was then strangled to death and his body put in one sack alongside the bodaboda rider.

Slain lawyer Willie Kimani

Ngugi then drove with the two bodies while an officer known as Kamenchu led the way to Ol Donyo Sabuk with the other body.

“We reached the river and removed the first body and threw it in,” Ngugi’s confession noted. He then added that they moved for a few meters and threw the other bodies.

Ngugi also gave an account of the events leading to the day of the execution starting with him trailing the victims.

In his confession, he says that in April 2016, the officer from Kabete called him to notify him that he had been transferred from Busia and was now in Mlolongo.

He added that when he went to visit him in Mlolongo and that’s when he met senior sergeant Fredrick ole Leliman, the first accused.

It was at this point that Leliman told him that he needed his help adding that he had shot at a motorcycle and due to that incident the person involved wanted him to be sacked.

Leliman confided in him that the boda boda rider was being helped by IPOA and there was a case in court and they wanted to deal with the situation.

Ngugi says that Leliman told him that the plan to kill the boda boda rider was still on and Ngugi’s job was to follow the target and report back to Leliman on his movements

On June 23, 2016, Ngugi left his house and headed to mlolongo. On the way, he met Leliman who was with a lady and the lady was to identify the wanted boda boda man to him because he didn’t know him. Leliman dropped them at Mlolongo stage and gave them Sh2,000 to share.

“The lady showed me the target and I was able to identify him and the lady left later I don’t remember her and have never met her,” the confession reads.

Ngugi followed the boda boda guy to court and stood guard with the case taking about two hours, according to the confession.

suspects in the murder

When the case ended he came out but was with another man.

The two entered a vehicle and Ngugi then went to Leliman’s car and found a sergeant Mwangi. The car that was with the wanted men passed us and Leliman followed them

We caught up with them at a railway station and Mwangi removed his walkie talkie and told them they were under arrest.

They did not oppose and were put in Leliman’s car and taken to an Administration Police post.

Ngugi says in his confession that his job was also to dispose of the vehicle that had three occupants.

The plan was to drive to Meru and dispose of it there but Leliman cautioned against this saying that the taxi operated in Zimmerman so it would be dangerous to use that road.

“I also switched off 4 of the five phones that were in the car and threw them away in Lwambera after abandoning the car,” the confession states.

Ngugi said that he went back Mlolongo at around 5pm and met Leliman, Mwangi and two other officers in a bar. 

Leliman then told him the three victims had been locked at Syokimau AP post and were safe there.

At 7 pm while at Connections Bar, Leliman was called and informed that one of the three had managed to make a phone call to his wife about their arrest.

Ngugi says in the confession that they were all shocked at the developing events.

They drove to the post and when they arrived Leliman took the three victims and put them in his car boot while handcuffed from behind.

From there we drive to a busy area just near the highway. In a bush, we started disagreeing on how we were to execute the three,” Ngugi says in the confession.

He added; “Another officer and I were of the opinion that we were already exposed since we had taken them to the so post and we should release them. However, Leliman insisted that they have to kill all of them.”

Ngugi adds that they argued for about three hours on what to do before they finally killed them.

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