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CS Alfred Mutua lights up social media with Taekwondo skills in South Korea [Video]



CS Alfred Mutua lights up social media with Taekwondo skills in South Korea [Video]

Many were impressed by the CS who took part in a martial arts demonstration at the World Headquarters of Taekwondo in Seoul, South Korea.

Mutua who is on an official visit to the Asian nation was in the company of his South Korean counterpart Park Jin.

Clad in a dobok, the CS was captured practicing kicking and punching techniques during the cultural diplomacy session.

“It was fun to participate in a few polite Taekwondo demonstrations at the home of the art. Thank you the great people of Korea for this gift to the world,” said Mutua.

Mutua was also made an honorary 6th Dan Black Belt.

“As part of our visit to Seoul Korea, my counterpart, Foreign Minister Dr. Park Jim, organized for me to visit the World Headquarters of Tae Kwondo (Kikkuwon) where Grandmaster Lee made me an honorary 6th Dan Black Belt.” The CS added.

Netizens were impressed with the skills on display, with the CS explaining that he was at one time a practitioner of Taekwondo and would soon make a come-back as his skills are getting rusty.

“In my late teens and early 20’s I practiced Taekwondo before picking up Temple Kungfu. I need to get back to the sport. I’m getting rusty,” said the CS.

The CS and his family enjoy the sport with his first-born son making his mark two weeks ago.

“As they say, like father like son, I am proud of the fact that my 1st born son, 2 weeks ago, qualified as a black belt holder in Taekwondo.” Mutua stated.

The self defense discipline is a popular sport in the Asian nation.

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