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Curtis Qatar Round Up Summary.

Ghetto Radio’s Presenter Curtis had an opportunity of a lifetime when he joined thousands in watching the Qatar 2022 Fifa World Cup on the 2nd of December in the Arab Republic.

The sports journalist was an elated man as he saw it as a continuation of the sports activation ‘World Cup Mtaani’ that was already taking shape at his work station – Ghetto Radio, by touring Kenya’s neighborhoods to popularize the ‘beautiful game’ while also meeting their diehard fans.

“Niaje jamaa Curtis hapa Ghetto Radio 89.5 fm Offside apo hivi siunajua tena mambo na sports niko area za Qatar nimekam kucheki world cup apa hivi moja mbili na basically mtaani apo tulikuwa tumesha anzisha initiative ya World Cup Mtaani tumekuwa tukitembea ma area, ma mtaa ma mtaa ma nini hapo Ziwa ukiangalia kidogo pia Mathare walirequest leo ni Kiamaiko, ukiangalia pia Githu(Githurai) na area zingine pia tutakuwa tukitembelea” Stated Curtis.

Odi Bets Initiative

Kenya’s leading betting firm – Odi Bets Kenya, was behind the Qatari tour through their ‘Twende Qatar na Odi Bet Promotion’. Hundreds of winners, influencers and sports journalist’s were flown to the Arab nation in a fully paid visit.Notable names such as comedian’s YY, Butita, former soccer ace Dennis Oliech among others.

“kumekuwa na promotion imekuwa ikiendelea ya Odi Bets inaitwa ‘Twende Qatar na Odi Bets’ of which winners wamekuwa wakiletwa hizi sides wanacheki magame wana jienjoy, wanavisit museum na places kibao apa hivi Qatar na Odi Bets waliona ni fiti pia wahusishe pia ma influencers wakam through na hao winners so hii pande tuko na winners, tuko na influencers kina YY, kina Butita, Oliech yuko area na wengine wengi “Revealed Curtis.

Time Difference

Curtis also noted a big time difference as compared to Kenya, by 5 am the sun was already up and glowing and by 4am darkness had already engulfed the nation wholly and lightning ensured eased operations . Furthermore, he experienced the weather which was so humid.

“weather ya huku ni joto na kitu moja niliona ime change during winter siku inaanza mapema like tukiwa kwa flight five asubuhi jua ilikuwa imewaka ka ya saa mbili and then siku pia inaisha mapema like by the time inafika four giza inaanza kuingia ikifika five kuna giza Kabisa hadi lights zimeashwa” continued Curtis.

During the nights it’s chilly and Curtis revealed being offered customized outfits in combating it.

They were also given the opportunity to choose between a five star hotel and the caravan city during their stay. And they opted for the latter for it’s ambience.

“caravan city ni area poa sana like kumewekwa ma container hivi alafu imetengenezwa ki bedsitter una privacy yako fiti kuna kila kitu.. Kuna place wameweka screen bigi watu ngiri nne wanaweza kaa waone ball kuna ma cushion nini yaani kuna tu starehe yake kivyake “He added.

Although there were a few restrictions like on alcohol usage, Curtis noted the welcoming and friendly atmosphere witnessed from their host’s.

Foodstuffs are also quite expensive even though it’s made to perfection. A simple meal of rice, chicken and soda goes for about 35 Qatar Rials that’s an equivalent of 1300 shillings in Kenya.

In terms of infrastructure, Qatar is way ahead of Kenya and Curtis wondered how many years it will take us in marching them.

For easier movement they were provided with special passes known as ‘Hire’ which resembles a passport. It guarantees one to free train rides to all destinations.

Security was also paramount and no issues of disturbance could be tolerated. In case of breeching, stern action like deportation would be immediately effected.

Curtis further noted the large number of Kenyans working in Qatar from drivers, security agents to airport servicemen. This makes it easier for Kenyans and other visitors in terms of seeking directions during movements.

“Huwezi piga like ten steps ukose mkenya ni madere, security yaani wako kila mahali so inakuwa rahisi kwa kila mtu especially time ya directions akikuangalia hivi anaona we ni mgeni” Said Curtis.

Curtis watched the high billed match between Brazil and Cameroon which the latter won by a solitary goal courtesy of a powerful header from Aboubakar. Though the African team exited the tournament they did it in style.

Curtis is grateful that being part of football’s mega tournament’s is becoming a norm. In 2019,he traveled to Egypt and watched all Harambee Stars matches against Algeria, Senegal and Tanzania.He’s looking forward to watching the Champions League final next year in Istanbul on the 10th of June 2023.

Catch up with him every Saturday on his sports show ‘Offside’ alongside Polosa from 3pm to 7pm on Kenya’s Number One Ghetto Radio. On Tuesday’s he provides a dose of hip hop on ‘Hip Hop Republik’.

Keep soaring homeboy.

By Steve Osaka.

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