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Dangerous Scammer Julius Mwale Lands In DRC



Fake Investor Julius Mwale has exported his con game to DRC

Businessman Julius Mwale who’s known for selling wild dreams coined as investment projects in Africa is once again on a roll this time an entry into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) market where he’s supposedly planning to establish a solar battery manufacturing plant.

Through his conglomerate KE International, Mwale claims that the project will seek to power cities in Kenya and the rest of Africa including DRC.

Mwale who always has ghost investors claims that he struck a deal worth Sh684 billion with different financiers and partners towards the realization of the battery plant.

This is just one of the imaginary projects that Mwale is pitching to attract investors to pool up.

Mwale’s Sh200B Medical and Technology City (MMTC) in Kakamega has been stuck for ages with contractors crying foul and cases dragging in court over unpaid bills by the businessman.

Mwale also claimed to be funding the Akon techno city in Senegal but that project has never taken off despite having been allocated land for the development.

In Kenya, Mwale placed the highest bid for the leasing of Mumias Sugar Company but when he was asked to give sources and proof of his finances, he had no answers, he even failed to raise the set bond by the company to qualify for bidding.

Convinced that he didn’t have the Sh21B that he quoted and was just selling hot air, the receiver-manager leased the company to a Ugandan firm Sarai Group who in-fact were the lowest bidders. Mwale opposed the lease abs has dragged the sugar company into courts with endless battles.

It’s funny how he keeps coming up with these ideas yet there’s no single project in his name that he’s ever completed.