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DCI To Receive Forensic Workstation Despite Coming Second In Tight Race




On Saturday, disappointment rocked online streets after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) lost a tight race for the Sumuri Talino Forensic Workstation award to US-based Henry County Police Department.

They had been nominated for the award alongside US police departments Henry County Police Department, Elkton Police Department, Washington Police Department and Philadelphia Police Department.

The DCI Digital Forensics Unit was the only nominee outside the United States of America.

Throughout the next week, DCI appealed to members of the public to vote for it to ensure they clinch the award that would have seen the department receive the Talino Forensics Workstation & Access Data FTK Software License but unfortunately the numbers weren’t enough.

At midnight Monday, however, Kenyans were pleasantly informed that their efforts to pull together and vote didn’t go to waste, afterall.

Through their official Twitter handle, Sumuri Forensics (the competition organizers) announced that the DCI will in fact receive the equipment after Kenyans’ incredible show of unity during the voting process humbled them.

The Talino Forensic Workstation, is a mid-level desktop processor system which features superior processing power and capabilities which include a mid-level desktop processor system, which features superior processing power and capabilities.

As expected, netizens were buzzing with excitement over the news. We’ve sampled some of their reactions (including the DCI’s) below.

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