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Did Omondi Caroli Kick Out ODM From Orange House? Here is the Truth



It is likely to be an emotional end of era for Chungwa supporters who have come to associate with and love the Hindu like design set in Yaya Center that is Orange House.

Party leader Raila Odinga’s former aide and landlord, Caroli Omondi allegedly declined to renew the lease of its expansive headquarters it has occupied since its birth 11 years ago.

ODM executive director Oduor Ong’wen has since come out to quell reports from a section of the media that ODM was being kicked out by Mr. Omondi.

Ong’wen said their lease has expired and an advert for new office space will soon go out.

“Our lease is coming to a close and in the course of the week we are going to advertise. You know this is something that once we finalize, becomes public. It can’t be a secret,” Ong’wen said.

However, the chief executive could not disclose any preferred location for the next secretariat of the country’s second largest political party.

According to statement , the party agreed with the after they consented not to renew the lease contract to the party.

The agreement between the two parties, the ODM has said, was signed last month.

“We wish to confirm that the tenancy of our National Secretariat at the current premises known as Orange House will come to its end on December 31, 2018 and by mutual consent between the Landlord and tenant, we have agreed not to renew it.

“This understanding was reached at on May 28, 2018 and is in writing.”

The party added: “This is due the intention of the landlord to construct a multi- storey office block on the property in line with the current trends of land use in the neighborhood.”

The party further noted that the National Secretariat would be moving to a new location, which has not yet been disclosed.

The National Secretariat will thus relocate to a new address at end of the year and our members, supporters and the general public will be notified accordingly,” the statement reads.

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