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Didmus Baraza, Man With Lose Tongue, How He Conned ODM And Why He Was Fired From The Military



On his Face-book profile, the lanky politician describes himself as ‘ruthless leader when it comes to issues of the common wananchi,’ but it would seem his self diagnosis as ruthless is a subtle adjective. The man is also shamelessly cunning, fatuous and has a garbage pit lodged inside his throat.

The young legislator known for his trade mark red hat has cut a niche as an abrasive and impudent politician and a rabble -rouser per excellence- just as he is tirelessly keen on tainting his name as conman.

Days ago, it became evident that his muscles are largely on his tongue, otherwise he is a feeble man – which is confounding given he is a former military man!

He became the butt of the joke when the missile lodged inside his mouth could not save him from the pro- bono massage he got from the Kibra by-election ‘linda Kura’ Masseuse , ODM branch.

It has since emerged that in excising his skills as a Con, ODM party wasn’t spared either.

Months ago, he was in the news for refusing to pay Sh1 Million furniture debt owed to Nairobi-based businessman Dan Simiyu.

He had earlier been accused of refusing to pay after buying over six leather seats, a six-seater dining table, glass coffee table, TV stand as well as two high-density mattresses and one bed that Simiyu supplied him immediately he became an MP but the complainants are a Nairobi-based car dealer and a timber dealer in Eldoret.

Baraza allegedly drove off with a top-of-the range vehicle only for the dealer to realize he had been issued with a bouncing cheque. A timber dealer was also defrauded millions in the same manner.

And while he calls himself a retired colonel, sources in the know say he was just a cadet kicked out from the army for reasons best known to him.

Many have been victims of the sword between his teeth. When he did not agree with his party vice chairman David Murathe, he branded him an “ignorant busybody”.

“The man is nothing but a political con; a busybody. At a time Kenya is enjoying political tranquility, we vehemently refuse as leaders to be herded by a man suffering from paucity of knowledge,” he said of Murathe adding that “Murathe is a vacuous, fatuous, bibulous slacker not worth the company of any sound man.”

Phew! You gotta give it to him though. His choice of adjectives is above the ken of many he sits with in the August house.

For a long time, Opposition leader Raila Odinga has been his punching bag, a move that saw him endeared to DP Ruto’s side.

After the handshake, he declared that Raila is a cunning and selfish leader and asked religious leaders to go on their knees and pray hard that the Luhyas abandon Raila completely.

And at a time when the Country was tilting on the brinks of oblivion following the 2017 elections, he demanded that the state operate like the KANU in order to deal with the chaos.

The MP said that during the reign of former present Daniel Moi the opposition leaders were handled firmly and asked Uhuru to do the same.

Well, thank God he now knows how it feels like to be handled firmly. And that we are all “frends and kolicks.”

Needless to say, he is amongst those thrown into a limbo following the handshake and has since been relegated to a noisemaker, blogger and Sugoi dish washers.

On the gender bill, he shouted it down with one reason- it would give political parties to nominate slay queens as has been the case in the past.

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