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Disgruntled Jubilee affiliate party pulls out



The Economic Freedom Party (EFP) Jubilee affiliate party has threatened to walk out of the ruling coalition. This is because the party officials feel short-changed in sharing of positions.

EFP Chairman Issack Hassan Abey said they feel cheated after rallying Mandera County to support Uhuru’s re-election to the last man earlier on this week. According to the chairman, the party was promised Parliament leadership positions and other key Government positions. However, the ruling party has since failed to honour their promise.

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Presidential support

EFP had candidates in all elective seats except for the President, since it declared support for Uhuru’s second term in office. Abey further claimed their bid to reach to the Jubilee duo of Uhuru and Ruto had failed, citing efforts to block them from taking their complaints to the Jubilee leadership.

According to Abey, the party will only reconsider bolting from Jubilee if the President gives them audience and promise to honour the agreement.

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