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DNG heads ‘Punguza’ that fights irresponsible sex among youth



254 Entertainment has rolled out a Youth Sensitisation Initiative and Advocacy Campaign, ‘Punguza’, to tackle irresponsible sexual behaviour.

Punguza Initiative founder DNG said the agenda is to create awareness on the importance of reducing irresponsible sexual behaviour.

“We intend to do this by providing an engagement platform for the youth to be able to open up, share their feelings and talk about sex,” he said.

“By doing so, we will trigger their interest and sensitise them on the risks involved and thus champion responsible sexual behaviour.”

They have come up with a practical alternative that pegs on the intellect, habits and lifestyle of the youth. They feel this is the best step to approach them in a way that will not elicit a negative response, a cold shoulder or resistance.

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They argue that simply telling the youth, “Do not have intercourse!” just won’t cut it. The messaging is faulty and needs to be retracted and strategically redesigned to intellectually and practically appeal to the targeted demographic.

Punguza has been ideated, driven and steered by youth, for youth. It will involve the youth by encouraging them to participate in the project by sharing their experiences and giving advice they learnt from their experiences to their fellow peers.

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