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Dynasties: Is ‘Uhuru-Raila’ government out to finish Wanjiku?



By John Kinyati Waraho Waraho

I was listening to a local radio station today in the morning on how farmers are crying because of bad price of milk, majority said one  a year ago one litter of milk was bought between Sh35-38 but today the same companies among them New KCC, Brookside are buying Sh18 from Nyandarua farmers, thanks to Gîthúngúri dairy (Fresha).

Fresha is buying the milk at Sh38 from its members, as things stand,  I think it’s high time farmers have their own dairy companies so they can control their prices like Fresha, according to Nyandarua farmers what caused the price to go down is because of powder milk imported from outside the country on a cheaper price which is killing our farmers.

My question is if this is true what the government is doing to protect this farmer? The biggest milk company is owned by president and his family, what has he done to protect the very same person who made him who he is today?.

Recently I was shocked wh Uhuru claimed he doesn’t know why Kenyans are Broke ! How can they get money when you are killing them by buying their produce at a throw away price? It’s just a month ago when our tea farmers were paid peanuts as bonuses, today some of them have resorted to uproot their tea bushes.

During Moi and Kibaki regimes we never got where we are today by one of us it’s unfortunate!!!!! I wish you were one of us to feel the pinch and understand that our problem is a man made problem created by your own government!

As am writing this message our brothers are crying because you blindly allowed banks to control interest rates, because you have denied them a chance to transport cargo from Mombasa to Nairobi by forcing all containers to be carried by your SGR to see whether it can become useful after spending all our budget by a project which is not worthy it’s funding.

From the word go I was against this monster because we could have spent small amount and improve the old rail instead of building another as you are planning to do from Naivasha to Busia.

What you have failed to understand is that you have killed all the businesses along the road from Mombasa to Nairobi especially hotels, and you ask why people are broke you are the problem.

I wish you could allow business people work without intimidation and  let your SGR compete with our lorries, allow tea and coffee farmers to sell their produce where they want, stop fish importation  from china, buy maize in a good price revive Mumias sugar, and above all fight the monster called corruption without being biased as we have seen, God bless Kenya and lets share widely until it reaches UhuruRaila.

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