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Edwin Sifuna, Cementing His Place as Raila’s Blue-eyed Boy and Giving Chungwa Back Its Flavor



If charm, wits and stratagem were personified, then they would look something like lawyer Edwin Sifuna. To the ladies, he is the eye-candy politician who smiles more with his eyes.

One would liken him to the Julius Malema South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Spokesperson Dr. Mbuyiseni Ndlozi who is also referred to ,by SA’s online battalion as “the people’s bae.”

The two might look ‘edible,’ but they are also young, cerebral, unbridled, feisty and progressive minded youth who have embraced their roles as their Parties’ spokesmen with ardour that borders fanaticism.

Sifuna to others- is ODM leader Raila Odinga’s blue-eyed boy from Western. To the foes of ODM, he is capable of dismantling and blowing them to smithereens.

And while the likes of former University don turned ANC’s strategist Barack Muluka refer to him ‘as a child,’ there is no gainsaying that the incumbent ODM Secretary General has given the party the much oomph it yearned.

He has injected verve and purveyed that a youthful, unfettered mind creates an impeccable balance to the wisdom and calmness of the longevous psyches of the old.

Sometimes in 2015, Sifuna, then working as part of orange party legal team, lead a coup in the party where he temporarily ejected Ababu Namwamba albeit for few hours.

“I wanted to instill discipline and we cannot go on tolerating moles,” he would say, adding that he would yet again evict Namwamba if necessary.

When he was appointed Secretary General , Raila lauded him as a ‘visionary young man with hunger to get more’.

And days after assuming office, Sifuna dared ODM partners in NASA, insisting that Raila would be on ballot in 2022.

“We are not going to work with cowards. Our party will back Raila in 2022 and we have no apologies,” he said.

Just before the Kibra by-election, he went all ham on NASA co-principles.

Sifuna did not mince words. “We have known these people as parasites and leeches, which we have carried on our back,” he said in reference to the Amani National Congress (ANC), Wiper and Ford-Kenya parties.

He was angered by NASA partners’ decision to field candidates to compete with ODM’s flag-bearer Imran Okoth in the a by-election. ANC had sponsored Eliud Owalo, former aide to ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“We have our friends from NASA who want to use the opportunity to formalise their divorce from the coalition,” he had claimed.

When DP William Ruto and his gang demanded for apologies, over the Kibra polls, his take was clear.

And to Barasa,

The exchange Thursday went below the belt as Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna stated “Grow a pair and face your boss!”.

Mr Sifuna was responding to a tweet where he referred to ODM party leader Raila Odinga as the “people’s conman” and a “dictator”.

“The person you are truly angry at is your boss. He supported the handshake candidate in Kibra and we continue to thank him.

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