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Embattled IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba is not sitting idle as he awaits the verdict of the probe against him.

He is at his Trans Nzoia home tilling a farm he says he bought seven years ago and has been laying idle while he was busy in the city with matters elections that has since seen him come under fire.


“Don’t think Chiloba is idle. I’m busy in the village. I have much peace here. I am so tired of the noises out there. My target is to transform this piece of land into something more productive,” he said.

Chiloba said he wants to make the farm a model for the community and transform the live of the residents of Trans Nzoia through agribusiness instead of relying on maize which he opines has become valueless to farmers.

On the expansive farm, he intends to plant more than 4,000 tree seedlings. Some are already surrounding his compound.

To give back to the society, Chiloba has partnered with the county government and initiated a water project targeting two schools and more than 4,000 people in the area.

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