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Exam Cheats, sexploits at Koitalel Samoei University – Weekly Citizen



Exam Cheats, sexploits at Koitalel Samoei University – Weekly Citizen

Shocking details have emerged of exam cheating and sex scandals among lecturers and students at Koitalel Samoei University College.

The vice chancellor Winston Akala is also accused of running down the institution through misappropriation of funds and misuse of university resources.

Prof. Akala

According to a whistleblower who wrote to Weekly Citizen, the lecturers in question have perfected the art of luring students but no appropriate action has been taken by Akala, equally said to be corrupt.

Top in the list of lecturers at war with students are Josphat Lishenga (director of business) Paul Ejore (dean of students) and David Lwangale among others.

The campus which is a constituent college of University of Nairobi and the first public university in Nandi county has been rocked by high level of nepotism.

The situation is so bad at the university that permanent jobs or one-year contracts are preserved for friends, relatives or people connected to top management in one way or another.

The besieged Prof Akala and Rose Kuto are said to be behind the alarming nepotism at the university and have influenced the employment of people linked to them.

Those connected on one year contract are Symon Kirui, Ruth Mesis, Noah Limo and Edwin Kosgey. Grace Kiti, Florence Chemutai and Isaac Kamar are said to be among those employed through corruption as permanent employees.

Inside sources told Weekly Citizen how the group that got their employment through the influence of top management rarely do any serious work and it is the staff working under temporary contract who do the donkey work.

In most cases, the above individuals dubbed ‘the special team’ just lay around, gossiping and eating in the cafeteria as their counterparts do the job for them.

The happenings at the institution have occasioned low morale, attributed to poor academic performance.

Class attendance is rated at a worrying 30-40pc and students are encouraged to steal the exams to give the institutions a good image.

Surprisingly, whenever students fail exams, lecturers are summoned for a meeting with top management where they are told to harmonize the results to ostensibly save the image of the university.

Weekly Citizen has also established that most staff have been on a six months renewable contract since 2019 while part time lecturers have not been for a long period of time.

The disgruntled part-time lecturers are said to be planning a demonstration to protest against the delayed payment of salary.

However, the university’s public relations officer Kipsaro Boit was quick to dismiss the allegations and pointed out that they are individuals whose demands seemingly were not met in one way or another and are now on a revenge mission.

Boit, faulted the whistleblowers for sharing the allegations with the m e d i a i n s t e a d of approaching the management through his office for an appropriate action.

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