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EXPOSED: How a US & UK Partnership is Destroying Kenya



The US & UK partnership officials. [Photo: courtesy]

In the last elections, the United States and the United Kingdom, through their diplomats, Bob Godec and Nick Hailey respectively, confirmed that they are helping conserve Kenya’s rotten, retrogressive, murderous, and dictatorial regime.

Before the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission could even hold the 2017 general elections, a lot of things had already gone South. For instance, the late Chris Msando who managed the electoral body’ s IT system, was brutally murdered ten days before the elections. It was established that his assassins wanted to force him to cooperate with the regime, and so help it retain power. He apparently refused, and thus his brutal murder after perhaps submitting access keys to the IEBC’s main server.

Mr. Godec and Mr. Hailey didn’t seem to see anything wrong with the murder. They wanted to get done with the elections swiftly, and any election- bloody or not- was okay. When the likely winner of the August 8th elections, H.E. Raila Odinga raised legitimate concerns about the manner in which the elections were conducted, suggesting rigging, the two ‘gentlemen’ dismissed him with a wave of the hand. They wanted the results announced however dubious they could have been.

Through two bloody presidential elections, the ruling party retained the government. The victory was so Pyrrhic that the legality and legitimacy of the president has remained an unanswered question to date.

So, why did the US and UK partner to interfere with Kenya’s sovereignty and democracy?

The US is using Kenya to collect Intelligence on Africa-based terrorists. The methods of Americans have never been any humane- this is common knowledge. To achieve their objective, they need a leader who has an irresistible love for money even if his country burns down to ashes. The October 2017 repeat-poll-related ethnic cleansing in Kenya tells this all since the weapons used to kill the innocent civilians were supplied by the US including the body bags!

The UK never stopped colonizing Kenya, it simply changed the modus operandi. The current absurd government is basically an extension of the colonial UK government. Together, they swindle citizens out of their hard earned cash. The government allows UK’s Vodafone’s Safaricom to steal from Kenyans, murder them in cold blood (recall the mysterious deaths of Safaricom’s Huawei Kenyan employees) all in the name of money, and in the pretense of being the biggest taxpayer. In return, the UK gives the Kenyan government a clean bill of health on all atrocities. The list of such dealings is long.

The UK partnership with the US is involved in a quid pro quo arrangement with the government of Kenya. In other words, the two racist countries tells the government, “Let our companies and agents operate in your country freely even in lawlessness, and we will supply you with weapons to kill dissenting citizens, and will use our great influence to make you the saints and them the sinners, even as you accumulate wealth.” It’s not a coincidence that a UK and US based data firm, Cambridge Analytica, was used by this rogue regime to sow discord among Kenyans, and cultivate hatred during the 2017 electioneering period.

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