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Fans blast Kush Tracey over her dressing




What is in a dress? Well, if anthropologists and behavioural scientists are to be believed, alot. A lady’s dress says alot about her. From the point at which she is in of her menstrual cycle to whether or not she is doing well financially.

And after hundreds of thousands of years of humanity having to dress up to pass on subtle cues, human beings have become adept at reading non-verbal communication cues off attire. That is why your parents hate seeing you in that short dress. They might have accepted that there She is no changing your mind but it doesn’t mean they like it.

Gospel artiste Kush Tracey defends herself after a Tinder profile found

That is why alot of people in churches frown upon their congregants dressing up in certain fashion. But what if the lass in question just wants to look sexy “for herself”? that is the dilemma former secular artiste Kush Tracey finds herself in after she was called out over her dressing by her fans and followers on social media.

The lass who used to date Timmy Tdat before leaving him for a political aspirant has a keen sense of fashion that many feel has no place in the church as it is immodest.

Check out Kush Tracey mean fashion sense below before I show you what her fans had to say:


feni.c_: Umeacha gospel tena?

osteen_254: Are you still a gospel artist??

cyrohsifuofficial: @kush_tracey i thought uliokoka, hii Ma Jameson ni gani😂😂

wuodeuny: Kwani uliacha kupreach na gospel?

davidgitonga05: What’s wrong with you lady are you in secular or gospel?

okoyohevance: Kwani @kush_tracey bado ni yule aliokoka ama Holy Spirit imeenda chini.

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