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Fans debate as Miracle Baby claims lover Carol Katrue tested positive for pregnancy a month after giving birth



Gengetone-c*m Mugithi artiste Peter Miracle Baby and his fianceé Carol Katrue are stirring a debate online after sharing a positive pregnancy test.

The debate stems from the fact that the lovebirds welcomed their newborn a month ago on February 17, 2023.

The artiste through his Instagram shared the test with a subtle caption that read;

Wasomi pekee ndio na need apa ni wiki tatu tangu delivery ya mjuniour, hii nayo imejitokeza.”

Loosely translated as: “(I need qualified p****e here to explain how I just welcomed my son, and the pregnancy test came out positive).”

Screengrab of Miracle baby's insta stories.
Screengrab of Miracle baby’s insta stories.

Most fans, however, say this could be a false pregnancy which occurs if you have recently given birth as your hCG hormone levels are still high – and your body has not realised it is no longer pregnant but that is yet to be confirmed.

Miracle Baby’s newborn with Caro became his fifth child as he has sired four other children with four baby mamas.

“One was left at my doorstep in a basin so I had to adopt him. However, we look alike and I suspect that he is mine,” he said in a past interview.

When asked why he can’t settle with one w***n, he said wants to have 17 children.

“No w***n will agree to give birth to 17 children. The baby mamas know each other and are on good terms,” he said.

While announcing the news, the duo revealed the name of their new bundle of joy: Rhonix adding that the little one was a boy.

“Welcome baby Rhonix. Friday 7:00 pm,” Carol wrote.

Through Instagram, the couple announced they were expecting their first child together on Carol’s birthday.

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