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Fashion: Festival essentials – Evewoman




It’s officially event season and with it are concerts and festivals in plenty. No matter your music taste, heading to a concert means you’re in for two things: loads of fun and way too many selfies, soon to be forgotten. Perfecting the concert ‘lewk’ is where we come in–helping you put something together that looks good and is comfortable enough to keep you dancing all night.

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Block heels are a must if you want to last the whole night

Full outfit: Platform; Block heels: Bata Kenya


Switch out your heels for more comfort

Shoes: Bata Kenya; Beaded bracelet: Fierce Collections; Straw bag: Platform; Sunnies: Forever Trendy


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Cool print fanny pack to keep you handsfree. Add a bucket hat to sheild you from the sun.

Bucket hat: Zuri; Tshirt: Mtoto Designs; Shoes: Bata Kenya


Acid wash mom jeans and comfort heels

Blue jeans: Mango; Tshirt: Mtoto Designs; Heels: Bata Kenya


Go with a matching floral set

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Full outfit: Mango; Neckpiece: Diro; Beaded bracelet: Fierce Collections; Straw bag: Forever Trendy


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Wear a bright and breezy wrap dress

Wrap dress: Mango; Neckpiece: Diro; Shoes: Bata Kenya; Straw hat: Forever Trendy; Straw bag: Forever Trendy


Where to find what the model is wearing:

  • Bata Kenya:; Instagram:@batakenya; Facebook: Bata Kenya
  • Platform: Two Rivers Mall, Two Rivers, Limuru Road, Nairobi.
  • Mango: Instagram: @mango #MangolovesKenya; Facebook: Mango; Tel: +254 781433377
  • Forever Trendy: Instagram: @forevertrendy22_, Tel: +254710 800000
  • Zuri Threads: Imenti House, Moi Avenue, Nairobi.
  • Diro: Facebook: Ginene; Instagram @ginene_by_diro
  • Fierce Collections: Instagram: @fiercecollections; Tel: +254724513072
  • Mtoto Designs: Instagram: @mtoto_designs; Tel: +254723835006


  • Photography:; Facebook: Phocus Photography; Instagram: @phocus_photo;
  • Stylist assistant/ set designer: Judy Rose; Instagram: @dee_rozz
  • Makeup artist: Mokeira Oyaro; Instagram: @mokeira_oyaro; Facebook: Mokeira Oyaro
  • Modeling agency: Sphere Modeling Group; Instagram: @sphere_ke; Facebook: Sphere Modeling Group
  • Model: Rachel Wangui; Instagram: @rachelkayly

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