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Fire Ravages Houses In Kibra After John Allan Namu Expose [PHOTOS]



Fire Ravages Houses In Kibra After John Allan Namu Expose [PHOTOS]

The fire could be seen from one of the aerial views…

A fire broke out on Monday, February 6 in the Kibera Soweto area, Magorofani in Kibra Constituency, destroying property of unknown value.

Africa Uncensored, a media house owned by award-winning veteran investigative journalist John Allan Namu, reposted a video and photos shared by Marsha Yule-mmoja on Facebook.

The fire could be seen from one of the aerial views with one of the buildings consumed by the inferno.

Residents could be seen standing at a distance, watching helplessly as some of them bravely moved in with small buckets full of water to put it out.

Aerial view of a fire outbreak at Soweto in Kibra Constituency on February 6, 2023. /TWITTER.AFRICA UNCENSORED

Marsha, in his post, appealed to the governments of President William Ruto and Nairobi governor, Johnson Sakaja, to salvage the current situation even as fire emergency and rescue teams were eventually deployed to the scene.

“Attention! Attention! Attention!  I appeal to the county government and national government…current situation there is a fire outbreak at Magorofani area bordering Laini saba and Soweto zone C.

“There is a need for a fire fighting station to be set on standby at Kibra and Langata constituency,” he wrote.

He further noted that hundreds of people were left homeless without clothes, shoes, bedding and food, and their businesses were affected.

“Let’s reach out to these people as friends of the community and help them wherever that we can. Community social work is all about Love,” he added.

According to Africa Uncensored, residents claimed that illegal power connections could have caused the fire.

Its expose, titled Ghetto Gava, revealed the inner workings of electricity and water cartels in Kenya’s informal settlements and aired at 8.30 pm from Thursday, January 26 to Sunday, January 29.

The series saw Namu take a deep look into the complex circumstances that have allowed Kenya’s cartels to run rampant within some of Kenya’s largest informal settlements, unchecked.

“About to pay your electricity bill? Here’s an investigation produced by Sam Munia and Joy Kirigia that will get you thinking about the true cost of electricity. Premiering on KTN News tomorrow, watch our four-part series GhettoGava,” he stated.

This isn’t the first time Allan-Namu is delving into controversial issues in Kenya.

He has become known for his daring exposes and in-depth and thought-provoking reporting on a wide range of issues which have caused verbal tremors across the country.

President Ruto on Friday, January 27, ordered Kenya Power (KPLC) to stop disconnecting homes deemed to have illegally tapped power, urging the utility provider to focus on connecting Kenyan homes instead of disconnecting those who tapped electricity illegally from the national power grid.

Kenya Power engineers at work on a transformer. /FILE