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Five Instagram accounts you should block immediately



Wrongful or overuse of social media can cause mental health problems (Photo: Shutterstock)

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms today. There are millions of users including toddlers who have their accounts managed by their parents and pets that don’t even understand that they’re insta-famous.

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Personally, I took a long Instagram break for a while to protect my sanity but when I came back from my hiatus, I still felt like nothing much had changed. I hadn’t realized that I shouldn’t be following some accounts that actually made me feel bad about myself for whatever reason.

Although many of these accounts look harmless, they contribute a lot to the mental problems many users like myself are experiencing.

The first thing that anti-Instagram advocates talk about is mental health and the need to protect it. What we see from the accounts we follow can make us feel insecure about ourselves and start developing body image issues that could have been avoided.

As an Instagram user, you have the right to protect your digital sphere by blocking and unfollowing accounts that just aren’t good for you.

Below are some of the many accounts you should consider blocking on Instagram for your own sanity.

i. Accounts of negative family members

Mean family members can be a nuisance both in real life and on social media. Just because they’re part of your family doesn’t mean they’re entitled to your likes, comments and shares. If your relative is constantly making certain comments and harassing you on Instagram, just block them. It doesn’t even matter if they give you that mean stare at the family gathering because you blocked them. Just act like nothing happened and live your life stress-free.

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ii. Diet and fitness obsessed accounts

There have been claims that Instagram is one of the main reasons why people are battling body image issues. It’s hard enough to feel like you’re not ‘thick’ enough or ‘skinny’ enough so adding that pressure from those fitness accounts only makes things worse. I can assure you that half of those people have undergone surgery and the other half aren’t authorized to give any health and fitness advice. It’s easy for diet trends to spread like a wild fire so we blindly follow without taking into account vital information.

Following these accounts won’t help you be more body positive and besides, you should only be getting advice from trained personnel and not from paid advertising.

iii. Accounts that make you fearful and anxious

Fear mongering accounts are also harmful to your mental health. Accounts that feed on people’s anxiety should be blocked as soon as possible. I’m not saying that knowing what’s happening in the world is bad, but, you don’t have to drag that kind of energy to Instagram too. Insta is actually beneficial in so many ways if you allow it to be a fun and playful platform. Otherwise, you’ll be constantly stressed with terrible news on TV, on the radio, on YouTube and now, on Instagram too. One can only take so much.

iv. Your ex’s account

People who block their exes like they never existed are actually happier. You can never erase your history together so seeing them all the time on Instagram could be a trigger that sets you back on your healing journey. If following your ex doesn’t benefit you in any way or contribute to your personal growth, block them. Also, you can let them know that you’re blocking them if things ended on good terms. This will prevent any resentment or bad blood between you.

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v. Sexual shaming accounts

What happens in peoples bedrooms is their business but apparently, these accounts don’t understand that. They can make you feel horrible about your sex life based on what they post. Unfollow these accounts to liberate yourself from the pressure of having a certain sex life. Most if not all are faked and posed for the ‘gram so don’t fall for it.

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Lastly, while Instagram isn’t inherently bad, be sure to follow only those accounts that add value to your life and don’t take away from it.

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